Garage Plus Show and Shine

What a way to start the summer early.  ok, officially it is the first day of spring, but it felt like summer... (smile)  The weather and the crowd was fabulous!!!  Big thanks to Garage Plus for putting this on!

Leave a comment below.   Let us know you visited and what you think of the photos. We'd love to hear from you!

Thoughts on photos and the Garage Plus Show

Date 03/22/2010
By Rod W
Subject Re: Garage Plus Show

Your not my husband, but I second that! Mario, outstanding job on the website and the show on Saturday.

Date 03/23/2010
By Mario
Subject Re: Re: Garage Plus Show

Aw shucks. Rod, you ared too kind. Eventhough you made a questionable trade with your raffle prize. (SMILE!)

Date 03/21/2010
By Lance Lambert
Subject G+ Show

Nicely done Mario! Thank you very much for the photos and for the Old Rides showing up.


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