Garage Plus Show and Shine

What a way to start the summer early.  ok, officially it is the first day of spring, but it felt like summer... (smile)  The weather and the crowd was fabulous!!!  Big thanks to Garage Plus for putting this on!

Leave a comment below.   Let us know you visited and what you think of the photos. We'd love to hear from you!

Thoughts on photos and the Garage Plus Show

Date 05/03/2010
By Jim Cooper
Subject Garage Show

As always great coverage. Thanks for being there!!

Date 05/03/2010
By 2010-05-01
Subject All your show photos

We enjoyed all of your show photos. We did not get to attend any of them. Thanks for posting them . Allen & Lucille Seaton

Date 03/23/2010
By jerry hasard
Subject g+ show

thank you for being there and for all the great photos. i think i speak for all my fellow demonos===thanks again

Date 03/22/2010
By Marcia Julson
Subject G show

Hi Mario, Sorry we didn't make this one but looks like a great one. As usual you did a fantastic job on the pics!

Date 03/22/2010
By Clair Jenkins
Subject Garage Plus Show

Great job with the pics. Very well done. Thanks for coming to the show and for posting the pictures.

Date 03/22/2010
By Michelle Simon
Subject G+ Show

Fantastic job! I was the crazy girl running around getting donuts, pizza, signing people up, giving out tee shirts, dash plaques and making sure everyone was taken care of!

Needless to say thanks for allowing me to enjoy my show! I have now been able to enjoy all the cars and trucks through photos! Thank you for putting this all together! Without your pics and a couple other people sharing their photos with me I would have missed seeing a lot of the cars. I cant wait for our next show! I hope to see you there.

Thank you again,
MIchelle Simon
Garage Plus Storage

Date 03/22/2010
By Jackie & Ted
Subject Garage Plus Show

Hi Mario==you work fast == posting todays car show== great pics=== it was nice seeing you and Valarie today== great turnout==everybody came out from hibernating == see you soon == take care== Jackie & Ted ( CHIPPED

Date 03/22/2010
By Kevin Craft
Subject Garage Plus Show


Thank you very much for the photos and supporting our show. I hope you and your club enjoyed the event and that you participate in our future shows as well! Your club has some beautiful cars!

Garage Plus

Date 03/21/2010
By Valerie Pipkin
Subject Garage Plus Show

I just want to thank our webmaster/photographer/vice president/my husband for doing such a great job!!!!!!! We really enjoyed the show and hanging out with our collector car community.

See you all at the next event:)

Date 03/22/2010
By Mario Pipkin
Subject Re: Garage Plus Show

Aw, shucks. Thanks, Valerie.


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