Maple Valley Street Rats West Seattle Show

09/21/2008 20:55

This was the first show in West Seattle hosted by the Maple Valley Street Rats.  The location, crowd and the host were all great. 

The turnout was lower than expected because of a weather forecast that included "light rain." As expected, some folks didn't want to take a chance bringing their pride and joy out in bad weather.  For those that missed coming - you missed a GREAT show.  Good news is that there were about 200 brave souls and rain never came (it misted for about 5 minutes) and then - wham! - blue clouds and wonderful weather!

Enthusiasm was very high and the community came out in large numbers to see the classic cars.  Bottom line - the show was a blast!

We really enjoyed ourselves and even came away with trophies.  These awards are especially meaningful because the winners were selected by the participants rather than judges.  As car lovers, having other folks that share that same love say your car is special means a ton.  We were very diligent with our voting and saw others doing the same.  We appreciate your vote and though each car we voted on didn't win, all of them we beauties.  Thanks for bringing them out!

Three Old Rides members were present and the first annual West Seattle Junction show - Cliff Holland (56 T-Bird), Valerie Pipkin (55 Roadmaster) and Mario Pipkin (55 Eldorado).   Valerie and Mario each won "Peoples Choice" trophies and Cilff won "Best Display."  Way to go Old Rides!

Thanks to the Maple Valley Street Rats car club for hosting such a great event!  Can't wait until next year.  We will definitely be attedning again!

Photos: Maple Valley Street Rats - West Seattle

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