Snohomish Car Show

09/28/2008 16:34

Two Old Rides attended one of the biggest car shows in Washington - The Snohomish Classic Car Show.  The show drew over 700 cars and 1000's of spectators.  It started out a little tough as it took an hour in line just to get into the city,  Several cars overheated - not a pretty sight.  But once we were parked everything went very well. 

The crowd was a very "car friendly" crowd.  In other words they were knowledgible, respectful of the cars and super friendly.  We had a blast walking for what seemed to be miles.  The diversity of cars, people and businesses was amazing in Snohomish.  We really had a blast and ate way too much!  (But it was so tasty!)

Voting for all categories was done by the participants.  I would hate to have been one counting all those votes!  But with the competition so tough, we sat back and clapped enthusiatically for all the deserving winners.  Then a name that sounded like mine was called.  People that know me were like "That's you!  Go up and get your award, man!" 

I am proud to say that the Eldorado won 3rd place in the stock 54 to 63 stock class. 

The show was a blast and we will be attending next year - but getting there much earlier than 7:30am as to avoid the lines.

Photos: Snohomish Car Show 


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