Skyway Show

09/14/2008 00:30

The skyway show was a success and we are glad to have been invited.  We attened with 7 cars and took home 4 of 10 trophies.  The turn out was small, but man, what great cars, food, and people! 

We had a first time attendee who really enjoyed the show.  He was amazed with the age and quality of the cars.  He even got to hear a few muscle cars as they raced their engines.  Though he is from California (actually originally from India and living their now) he had never attended a car show.  He left thinking about getting one of his own.  :-)

James Croone won his first trophy (Best American) for his 1972 Eldorado Convertible.  Sam Winston also won (Best Convertible) with his 1957 Bel-Air convertible.  Mario Pipkin won two (Best  Paint and Best Custom) with his 1956 Bel-Air named Candy-Brandy-Wine.   Congratulations guys!

I took a few photos that can be found here: 2008 Skyway Show


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