Old Rides Triple X Car Show

05/24/2009 21:21

A record crowd attended the show this year - over a 120 attendees.   Big thanks to every one that came and helped make it a great time! 

There were many cars we had never seen before and many familar faces we missed seeing over the long cold winter.  As usual, Jose and his family were great hosts.  Those are some of the best - and biggest - root beer floats known to human kind! 

There was a huge crowd of spectators.  In fact, there seemed to be more families in attendance this year than ever before.  We all see this as a great thing as we are a family oreitned club and love seeing kids enjoying the cars, music and food.  It's also a fun way to keep this fatanstic hooby alive with future generations.

As usual, I took a ton of photographs.  Be sure to check out the  Chihuahua wearing a very cool hat!

Click here to see photos of the 2009 Old Rides Triple X Car Show


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