Old Rides in Burien

07/28/2009 19:54

The Classy Chassis show in Burien was a fun time.  The hosts were a very friendly and fun loving group.  They welcomed all the participants with huge smiles and plenty of energy.  It was an exceptionally hot day in Seattle, but there were snow cones so we were all happy - even if we were a little hyper from all the sugar. 

There were many winners including two from the Old Rides:

 Rod Williams for Best Morpar with his Spirit of 76 Dart Sport.   We cheered and called Rod's cell phone as he had left to an engagement.  He was surprised and pleased!   

Valerie's 1955 Roadmaster took the trophy for Best in Show!  We all cheered - again!  Way to go Valerie!  She smiled all day and we smiled with her. 

Way to go to all the folks that made the show, the winners and to the hosts.  Thanks for putting on a great show.

Click here for photos of the Burien Classy Chassis

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