Griot's Garage Tour

01/24/2009 18:03

First the Old Rides Car Club would like to thanks to Bud and Griot's for inviting us to what turned out to be a GREAT time!  Special thanks to Mr. Griot's for inviting us to his beautiful home.

In attendance were the Old Rides and members from at least 6 other car clubs.  All 50+ of us toured the Griot's warehouse with full access and a 15% discount on all purchases to boot. The shop was spotless and full of great products.  They had everything from tools to towels to the specialty cleaning products for which they are famous.

After touring the garage, we headed to Mr. Griot's home.  Well, more specifically, his garage.  And, man I tell you, what a garage it was.  Recessed floor lighting, air-conditioning, 13 foot ceilings, storage on every wall, on and on and on...  This garage was so cool it even had a 180 degree unobstructed view of the lake!

Mr. Griot was very personable and spoke to us in detail about the technical aspects of his garage.  He went into details on lighting, flooring, cabinetry, and more.  We enjoyed his talk, his garage and we all use his products.

We then headed back to the warehouse for burgers and a lesson on using Griot's products.  We had a great time.  It was perfect!  (Ok, maybe it could have been a little warmer. (smile))


Click here to see photos: 2009 Griot's Garage Tour


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