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12/21/2008 11:17

Big Thanks to Bo and Gaines!

Mr. "Bo" Reeves and Mr. David Gaines, On behalf of your fellow members of the Old Rides Car Club we would like to thank you for your service as President and Vice President respectively. ...
12/14/2008 15:03

Christmas Party 2008

The Christmas party was really nice.  Many familiar faces and a few new ones ate, laughed and danced the night away.  The menu was awasome with turkey, dressing, yams, greens, and...
11/30/2008 20:44

Fabulous Auction and Dinner

Several Old Ride members showed up for a wonderful event.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and don't have any pictures.  It was a fun time with several very cool items bringing good money...
10/21/2008 12:35

Another Good Cause

The Old Rides Car Club made a sizable donation to the St. Paul School located in south seattle.  Also, 10 members and their spouses will be attending the dinner and auction.  The...
09/28/2008 16:34

Snohomish Car Show

Two Old Rides attended one of the biggest car shows in Washington - The Snohomish Classic Car Show.  The show drew over 700 cars and 1000's of spectators.  It started out a little tough as...
09/27/2008 14:54

Fifth Annual Shake the Shack Car Show

This was the second time one of the Old Rides has attended this car show at the Shanty Tavern located in Lake City, Washington.  The show attended by over 70 particpants with cars ranging...
09/21/2008 20:55

Maple Valley Street Rats West Seattle Show

This was the first show in West Seattle hosted by the Maple Valley Street Rats.  The location, crowd and the host were all great.  The turnout was lower than expected because of a weather...
09/14/2008 00:30

Skyway Show

The skyway show was a success and we are glad to have been invited.  We attened with 7 cars and took home 4 of 10 trophies.  The turn out was small, but man, what great cars,...
09/10/2008 07:00

Old Rides Web Site Launched

We finally did it!  Our cars may be old, but now our technology isn't!  We finally launched our Web page. Yes, we know it's very late, but hey we are the old rides not the...

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