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We are about having a good time with classic cars being the common bond.  We hope you have a good time looking at our cars and learning about the club.


09/27/2008 14:54

Fifth Annual Shake the Shack Car Show

This was the second time one of the Old Rides has attended this car show at the Shanty Tavern located in Lake City,...
09/21/2008 20:55

Maple Valley Street Rats West Seattle Show

This was the first show in West Seattle hosted by the Maple Valley Street Rats.  The location, crowd and the host...
09/14/2008 00:30

Skyway Show

The skyway show was a success and we are glad to have been invited.  We attened with 7 cars and took home 4...
09/10/2008 07:00

Old Rides Web Site Launched

We finally did it!  Our cars may be old, but now our technology isn't!  We finally launched our Web...

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