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We are about having a good time with classic cars being the common bond.  We hope you have a good time looking at our cars and learning about the club.


12/21/2008 11:17

Big Thanks to Bo and Gaines!

Mr. "Bo" Reeves and Mr. David Gaines, On behalf of your fellow members of the Old Rides Car Club we would like to...
12/14/2008 15:03

Christmas Party 2008

The Christmas party was really nice.  Many familiar faces and a few new ones ate, laughed and danced the night...
11/30/2008 20:44

Fabulous Auction and Dinner

Several Old Ride members showed up for a wonderful event.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and don't have any...
10/21/2008 12:35

Another Good Cause

The Old Rides Car Club made a sizable donation to the St. Paul School located in south seattle.  Also, 10...
09/28/2008 16:34

Snohomish Car Show

Two Old Rides attended one of the biggest car shows in Washington - The Snohomish Classic Car Show.  The show drew...

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