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We are about having a good time with classic cars being the common bond.  We hope you have a good time looking at our cars and learning about the club.


05/24/2009 21:21

Old Rides Triple X Car Show

A record crowd attended the show this year - over a 120 attendees.   Big thanks to every one that came...
04/25/2009 23:43

2009 Hot Rod Hall of Fame

  Wow!  The 2009 Washington State Hot Rod Hall of Fame Banquet and Awards Presentation was fantastic. ...
01/28/2009 20:34

Dick's Drive-In 55th Anniversary

Dick's Drive In serves irresistibly tasty burgers and fries.   They are downright...
01/24/2009 18:03

Griot's Garage Tour

First the Old Rides Car Club would like to thanks to Bud and Griot's for inviting us to what turned out to be a GREAT...
01/10/2009 15:26

Moslander's Garage Tour

Moslander's Garage Tour Thank you to Clyde Moslander for hosting us and to Bud Worley for arranging the...

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