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We are about having a good time with classic cars being the common bond.  We hope you have a good time looking at our cars and learning about the club.


08/04/2013 08:00

2013 Triple X, Roger Jackson Classic, Car Show

Location:    Triple X...
07/06/2013 08:00

2013 Factoria Square Car Show

Location:     Factoria Blvd SE & 41st...
05/16/2013 00:00

2013 Columbia City Car Show has been cacelled

THE COLUMBIA CITY CAR SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED Regretfully I have to announce that The Columbia City site will not be...
07/07/2012 11:58

2012 Factoia Carshow

A perfect day for a carshow and the cars were beautiful. A big thanks you to all of the participants
07/21/2011 16:25

2011 Factoria Show

The Factory Car Show was a success.  The weather cooperated and the car lovers were there in larger numbers than...

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