Charles Blackwell left hospital and returned home today!  He is on the road to recovery!  Faith combined with his strength and our wishes surely played a part in his recovery thus far. 

Mr. Blackwell has regained most of his movement that was lost as a result of the stroke.  Although he will be going home, he will be needing help and assistance for quite some time.  Thankfully, he has loving family members and car club brothers to help with that.

Let's show him know we care!  Please leave a few MORE words of encouragement in the section below.


Topic: Get Well Charles

Date 10/16/2009
By Mike Pettruzzelli, Saigon, Vietnam
Subject HI CHARLES..

JUST A QUICK HELLO...from Saigon...your "White Vietnamese" you have a continued speedy wife and I will have prayers for you when we go to temple...just happened to open website tonight and saw news about you...Mike & Van Pettruzzelli

Date 09/29/2009
By On behalf of the Bellotti's
Subject Mail regarding Charles

Charles is truly one fortunate fellow--God must be watching over him. We will pray for a full recovery.

Date 09/28/2009
By Rudy Alviar
Subject Charles

That's great news, my prayers are with you, have a speedy recovery,and keep the faith.

Date 09/27/2009
By Clarence Freeman
Subject Get well Charles Blackwell

Dear Mr. Blackwell. So happy to hear you are home. If you need your grass mowed or hedge trimmed, let me know. I will be happy help. Give me a call. Sincerely, Clarence Freeman

Date 09/26/2009
By On behalf of Dan and Janet Olsen
Subject Email concerning Charles

Good, I knew our prayers would be answered.


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