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09/19/2009 14:46

2009 Concours d'Elegance

Perfect weather, perfect location, perfect cars!  See for yourself by clicking here: 2009 Concours d'Elegance
09/05/2009 18:54

Old Rides Fish Fry

Old Rides members - including spouses - relaxing at Stanley  Perkin's canal side house.  Big thanks to Stanley for having us and to all those  that helped prepare the food.  Check us out by clicking here.
08/30/2009 18:37

Freddie's 2009 Casino

Keith of Freddie's Club Casino put on yet another great show.  Check out the photos by clicking here.
08/29/2009 11:10

The Columbia City Classic

Big thanks to all those that attended Seattle's First Annual Columbia City Classic!  The turn out was great and we appreciate the support!  The crowd and the participants all seemed to have a great time.  Heck, even the entertainers - swing and tap dancers - seemed to be really...
08/23/2009 07:40

SEATTLE First Annual Columbia City Classic

Book August 23rd for the SEATTLE First Annual Columbia City Classic.  One of the summers newest and most anticipated events!  REGISTER TODAY and...
08/03/2009 17:26

Legends Snoqualmie Show

What a show!  The Legends once again pull of a wonderful event.  It's a very popular place to be seen, with the earliest participants arriving at about 6am!  To see photos click HERE
08/01/2009 10:00

Seattle Central Area Parade

The Old Rides are long time participants of this event.  Come check us out on Saturday!
07/28/2009 19:54

Old Rides in Burien

The Classy Chassis show in Burien was a fun time.  The hosts were a very friendly and fun loving group.  They welcomed all the participants with huge smiles and plenty of energy.  It was an exceptionally hot day in Seattle, but there were snow cones so we were all happy - even if we...
07/16/2009 17:59

Valerie Takes Participants Choice!

A DESERVING WINNER!!! The 2009 Return To Renton had a very excited Participants Choice winner.  It was Mrs. Valerie Pipkin and her 1955 Buick Roadmaster, a car lovingly known as Victoria Blue.  The competition was tough with some known powerhouses in the crowd.  When they called...
06/13/2009 19:56

2009 Summer White Party

Our First Annual White Party was a huge success.  It was very sharp to see most of the crowd dressed in white.   As usual the cooking committee did a wonderful job of creating a fantastic feast for all to enjoy.  Our very own President, Mr. Cliff Holland, did...

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