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08/05/2012 20:09

Triple X Car Show

Beautiful Day and a Wonderful Car Show. Thanks to all that attended.  
07/07/2012 11:58

2012 Factoia Carshow

A perfect day for a carshow and the cars were beautiful. A big thanks you to all of the participants
07/21/2011 16:25

2011 Factoria Show

The Factory Car Show was a success.  The weather cooperated and the car lovers were there in larger numbers than last year.  There were quite a few people and cars that I had not seen before.  And, of course, our long time summer-time car show partners were there.  BIG THANKS to...
05/29/2011 12:39

Columbia City Show Canceled

The Columbia City Car show scheduled for August has been canceled. The cancelation is the result of scheduling conflicts with the hosting venue, The Columbia City Plaza.  While we are disappointed about Columbia City, we are pleased to be adding the Second Annual Factoria Mall...
01/01/2011 18:55

2011 Officer Changes

Introducing the 2011 Old Rides Car Club President Mr. Charles Blackwell.   We'd like to introduce Mr. Charles Blackwell as the new Old Rides President for 2011.  Mr. Blackwell has been a member of the club since 1988 and has served as President in the past.  He is well known as...
09/26/2010 20:56

Return to Renton

We had a fantastic time.  This was one of the few shows this year that had fantastic weather.  Plenty of beautful cars, good food and music.  Once again, the perfect recipe for a great time. Check the photos by clicking here.
09/26/2010 19:51

West Seattle Junction

Mother nature couldn't decide what to wear on this day.  So, she gave us sun, wind, and heavy rain - all in less than an hour.  You have to see it for yourself. Check the photos by clicking here.  
09/26/2010 18:44

Legends in Kirkland

Check out the photos from Kirkland.  As usual, we had a great time and the quality of the cars was amazing.  I also love this show because there are so many meal options.  Yep, cars, fun, friends, music and food make for a great day. Check out the photos by clicking here.  
09/26/2010 18:43

2010 Columbia City Show

What a year.  The rain has ruined turnouts for its fair share of shows this year.  Leading to the event the forecast was down right wet!  That being the case, only teh brave brought out their beauties.  Surprise!  The rains never came to Columbia City!  The sun...
07/19/2010 20:41

Harnish Show

The Harnish show was magnificant!  Tons of cars.  Free food.  Free t-shirts and more.  Check the photos out for yourself.  

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