Our Mission

Actively and positively support the community while keeping the beauty of classic cars in the public eye.

Our History

The Old Rides Car Club was formed in mid-1972.  It was a group of mainly Seattle central area people who were interested in the preservation, restoration and driving of older automobiles.  Charter members included Rodger Jackson, David Clarke, Charles Drew, Noah Ramsey, Calvin Roland, Jimmy Standifer.

Charles Drew is credited with suggesting the name of "Old Rides."  The newly formed club's first activity was to participate in the Central Seattle Black Community Festival parade.  Other activities and new members have steadily been added since the clubs inception in 1972.

Our common bond is our love of all classic cars and a desire to serve the community.   We actively participate in car related events but we also help those in need.  For many years Old Rides Car Club members have done things ranging from providing scholarships for the young to retirement home outreach programs for the young at heart.

Several of the founding members remain active and involved in the club. 

Today the club has over 15 active members and many, many more honorary members.  

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