Gary McKay's Museum

Talk about ABSOLUTELY SPACTACULAR!!  This has to be one the best personal collections anywhere.  Period.  The cars were of unmatched quality and in some cases rarity.  You have to see it to believe it.  The photos do not do this place or the cars justice, but check them out to get an idea of what FANTASTIC looks like.


Comments on Gary McKay's Museum

Date 02/14/2017
By Sid Olufs
Subject Gary McKay's Collection !!!!!

This is an awe-inspiring collection. World class excellence.... and Gary is a gracious host.

Date 12/15/2016
By Roger Peery
Subject Incredible!

What a fantastic collection of American muscle cars. Pick any one and they could win top honors at shows. Thanks Gary.

Date 04/22/2016
By Dick Salick
Subject McKay's

I was invited to see this Museum last Saturday, and was totally impressed.
Introduced to Gary, and found him very genuine, answering all questions sincerely. Nice man.

Date 01/21/2016
By Jeff & Paula from San Diego
Subject Awesome Collection and Museum

We were amazed at you awesome Museum. Still looking at our pictures makes us want to go back and just sit and admire..... for a few hours!
Thanks Sue for showing us this excellent collection of Museum quality classic cars.


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